Saying "I Can" at Dragonfly Ranch

A non-profit organization formed to serve the youth and adult community with special needs including, but not limited to, intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Down syndrome in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. The Ranch will be filled with innovative activities and creative programs that will help develop your rancher's work skills, life skills and socialization skills.  The youth that have "aged-out" of the school system, will continue to work on their work skills, listening skills, independence and work towards obtaining employment within their community.  

Families Struggle to Find Good Supported Options For Their Children Aging Out of the School System

As children with disabilites age-out of the school system and into adulthood, families are facing a crisis that will impact everyone.

Parents of adults with intellectual disabilities are facing a lack of compassion and resources to care for their aging, impaired children.  The sudden elimination of educational options when a disabled child turns 21 is so dramatic and universal, some parents refer to it as 'falling off of a cliff".

We are heading towards a crisis that is barreling towards us like a tsunami!  There will soon be more intellectually and developementally disabled adults living in our country than at any other time in our history.

The explosion of children with autism, intellectual disabilities, etc. has a looming social, economic and moral crisis.  What happens with and for the vulnerable adults and the famiiles that struggle to care for them?

The harsh reality is the hundreds of thousands over the next several years will no longer receive educational supports and services under the Federal Individualized Disabilities Act (IDEA).

"Aging Out" pushes these individuals into a horribily lacking system for disabled adults.  This not only affects the severly disabled, but also those considered "high functioning".  They will not be able to magically stop requiring supports after they reach age 21.

Day Habilitation Services is often simply babysitting.  The adults do taple top activities, color, and watch television.

While the number of children on autism spectrum disorder is rising, more living, working and support options must be put in place.

Pennsylvania has one of the largest waiting lists, approximately 13,800.

Just as those with disabilities......Dragonflies looks are deceiving, they are fast, strong and beautiful. They represent strength and living life to the fullest.

 Dragonfly Ranch intends to educate the community and employers as to why making jobs available for those with disabilities is extremely important and beneficial to everyone.


Who We Are


Dragonly Ranch is a non-profit organization preparing to provide residential services, daily living services and other supports to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  We are committed to assisting the individuals that will be in our care to reach their fullest potential to become active members in our communities.








Dragonfly Ranch will provide invaluable guidance and sensitivity as those in our care take an active role in their community



Dragonfly Ranch respects the unique talents, skills and challenges of each person, and provide specialied services they need in order to achieve optimal independence and happiness.



Dragonfly Ranch treats each individual with the dignity they deserve.  By serving as respectful role models, Dragonfly Ranch promotes positive self-esteem and achievement.



Dragonfly Ranch exercises patience and compassion as we help indiviuals learn new skills, develope new friendships and give back to the community.



Dragonfly Ranch is flexible and responsible to the challenging needs of all individuals in our care and continuously adapt our services to suit everyone's specific abilities, requirements and requests,