Overnight Respite



Family caregivers who are caring for a relative with disabilities in their own homes need periodic breaks.  Respite breaks are to be scheduled throughout the year.  Care and supervision will be provided 24/7 from a caring staff that live on site.  Ranchers will have access to a full program of adapted living, social, and recreational activities.  Fee is scaled according to family income and size.  Applications are received throughout the year.  Confirmation for a particular respite period depends on space.  

Full 24-Hour Care



For those who require comprehensive services, full care support provides a family-type home and hands-on assistance with everyday tasks.  Care is provided in Dragonfly Ranch will be in the Ranch home where we lend a hand with all aspects of daily living, while helping each individual achieve maximum independence.  The level of support is determined by each individuals needs and may include medication administration, household keep up, money management, personal care, nutritional needs, wellness, safety, community integration and recreation.

Semi-Independent Living



For those who are in need of minimal assistance, semi-independent living will be provided in a Dragonfly Ranch home or apartment.  This service provides adults with support of devoted staff members who visit daily, is available overnight, and when assistance is needed.  The level of support is determined by the individuals needs, and may include medication administration, household keepup, money management, personal care, nutrional needs, wellness, safety, community integration, working on the Ranch and recreation.

Mom's Retreat

UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  2 nights Cost $????